BMW is a long way from arriving at the pricing or even the specification list for the Australian M6. Indeed, with the 3-Series barely settled down, an X1 facelift on the way and upgraded engines to scatter through the 5-Series, it’s hard to imagine it’s a top priority.

Still, expect the M6 to sit above the M5, even though it offers less tangible metal for the money. 

That means it will carry at least everything the M5 carries, and that will include M Sport seats that are supportive and terrifically comfortable, with soft initial cushions that eventually demonstrate their long-drive strength with firmer cushions below. 

They’re fully electric, with pneumatically adjustable lumbar support and active headrests, which move to minimize whiplash if you get hit from behind.

Both front seats are heated and each side of the car has its own climate-control brain, so travelling temperature isn’t direct dependent.

Besides the M6 logos all over the place, it has cruise control, it has a fairly disappointing standard audio system and it has satnav with BMW’s now normal permanent stand-tall display atop the dash.

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