BMW M6 Convertible first drive

t’s always a tough ask -- sticking high horsepower inside a convertible bodyshell, especially if the car in question wasn’t designed from the ground up as a soft-top.

BMW knows this better than most. The six-cylinder versions of its Z3 were poster children for body flex and poor handling; the M versions verged on diabolical. And the job gets harder again when the hole is so big that four people can enjoy the sunshine. The rule of thumb in engineering is that the bigger the hole, the sloppier the end result will be.

All that considered, the M6 Convertible had every excuse not to live up to the lofty ambitions M holds for its machinery.

It need not have worried. The successor to the V10-powered M6 Convertible, the new car combined enormous horsepower with a quality ride and a thumping engine note to be a real surprise packet.