Not too many people ever gathered around the Audi TTRS’s engine bay and pondered why it didn’t have more power. But that observation reckons without Audi’s desperate current need to stop the TT from Relevance Deprivation Syndrome.

So it now has another 15kW of power to lift it to 265kW, another 15Nm to jump to a V8-esque 465Nm and it’s an altogether quicker machine than it was.

In fact, the roadster version’s 4.2-second blast to 100km/h is firmly trending towards the supercar range, and the coupe is a tenth of a second quicker.

There are a few detailed changes to the front and rear styling of the TTRS Plus, though you’d need to look hard to spot them, and a bit more grip from a set of bigger boots, too. But is it coming to Australia? Audi can’t say yet. It would seem to be a lot of hard work for not very many sales.

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